My name is Keely Isaak Meehan. I create installation art and performances, often site-specific. I’m also a video artist and a fiber artist. I have always been a dancer, and movement is usually a factor in my work. I founded and direct a collaborative, interdisciplinary, performance company. I also work as a soloist. I am a Certified Movement Analyst and an Open Source Forms teacher. I often have trouble telling people what I do, because what I do is messy and spills over and through boundaries.

When I’m not making some sort of art, I facilitate economy, comfort, creativity and confidence through movement. I offer both private sessions and public classes. The following methodologies and practices inform my classes:

  • Laban Movement Analysis
  • Bartenieff Fundamentals
  • Open Source Forms
  • Skinner Releasing
  • a lifetime of dancing – contemporary, modern, ballet, Dunham, improv, contact
  • the work of Irene Dowd
  • Body Mind Centering

This blog is a place for information about what I’m doing, both as an artist and a movement consultant, and a place to write about my thoughts and inspirations.

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