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MOD2As we near the end of my time at Degenerate Art Stream — a bit about a favorite book that inspired me to create a performance.


Guest Curating the Degenerate Art Stream

I wrote in the past about a blog by the Degenerate Art Ensemble that I love to read, then called Degenerate Art Ensemble: Art We Love. It is now the Degenerate Art Stream, and hosted at a new address. (I’ll get that sidebar link updated!)

Well, I am excited to announce I will be curating the Degenerate Art Stream for the next two weeks! A post a day about art I like, what inspires me. I just posted my introductory post to kick off my time there: Pleased to Meet You.

Maybe blogging every day for two weeks will help me pick this long-languishing blog back up.


Art I Like

Earlier today I updated the links in the right column of this site. I thought I’d write a bit about what they are and why I chose to link to them.

When browsing the blogs I regularly visit, I chose a number of criteria that each should fulfill for inclusion. All of these blogs are

  1. by artists I love
  2. based in the Seattle area
  3. focused on inspirations and influences, process, theory, and/or in-depth descriptions of the author’s own work

Art of Mulata

This blog is by a friend, one of my favorite people around, Pol. He is full of energy, involved in much of the wonderful, provocative art around here, a delight to talk to, and one of the kindest souls I’ve met. (actually, so I’m not repetitive in this list, everyone listed is unbelievably nice. I feel blessed to know each of them).

Pol doesn’t update all to often, but I’m always excited when he does. From his most recent post describing a performance last weekend:

Somehow, I’m really not sure how, Beth grabbed me, dragged me, wrestled me away from the pots and through a lake of spilled beans to the middle of the dance floor. I kept trying to keep at least one thing to bang on, but she was kicking me and I couldn’t find my feet and the beans were slippery. There was an awful lot of clanging and foot stomping and I think she was yelling, but I might have imagined that.

to photos and videos he shot to musings on art to snippets of ideas for new work, it is always fascinating and beautiful.

Degenerate Art Ensemble: Art We Love

Degenerate Art Ensemble was one of the first performance groups I saw when I moved to Seattle 11 years ago. From that first show they have been my favorite interdisciplinary performance group. When I arrived in Seattle I was lucky enough to have friends that drew me into the same circles the DAE crew ran in, so I’ve also known them personally all these years.

Haruko and Joshua are the directors of DAE, and they have been a huge inspiration to me all these years. Their example has been a big influence for me in creating and running Manifold Motion. I have turned to them at times when encountering a new phase of running a company, knowing that they’ve found a path through this already. I’m not sure they know how much I’ve looked up to them over the years, but I have quietly drawn much confidence, strength, and perseverance from their work ahead of me.

Art We Love is a new blog they have started where present and past members of DAE write about, well, art they love. It’s a really great blog to browse through, with so many interesting artist profiles and links to images, videos, sounds. Some I know of, many are brand new to me. It is a joy to discover new artists, but also discovering the various influences of a group of people who are incredible artists in their own right is illuminating.

I Am Listening to This

This blog is also related to DAE, it is by Joshua, and very simply is posts about music he is listening to. His taste, like mine, is rather eclectic, and I have found some real gems in there. Love. This. Blog.

 Mandy Greer

I wrote a whole post about Mandy Greer a few weeks back, here. Simply put, I adore her work. Mandy has a number of blogs to her name, as she tends to start a new one with each project. This link is to her main site, and I believe one can get to any current or past content through there. Mandy is very into process, and through her current project I think she is delving even further into what process is, but in a very public way.

The Project Room: Off Paper

I found to this (blog? more of a journal) via Mandy’s current residency at the Project Room. Inquiry into questions like, “why do we make things?” There are a variety of authors, all well written and thoughtful, and those that I know are great artists and people too. perhaps a quote from the site about what it is will do the most justice:

Critical discourse is an essential element of The Project Room. With this in mind, The Project Room publishes Off Paper, an online journal that follows the themes presented in The Project Room through thoughtful writing and other relevant online content. Off Paper will continue the conversation that is taking place in TPR for audiences everywhere.

So! those are the new links. I’ll describe future links when I add them too. I’m really hoping with this site to curate that sidebar. Not just linking because someone is a friend, or because I like what they do, but because there is content of particular interest on the other side and to know for myself what that interest is. For now it is Seattle-based and people I know, but that may expand.

I’d love to know what you read for inspiration and ideas and interest.