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MOD2As we near the end of my time at Degenerate Art Stream — a bit about a favorite book that inspired me to create a performance.


Another Nepo 5K Blog

This post I just stumbled upon has a lot of photos from the NEPO House 5k Don’t Run. Since this is my blog, I’ll include the one of me! I haven’t found many that aren’t from the back, so I figure this is worth including, even if I don’t love the exact moment captured.

My poor poor Irish skin

The author of the post was mistaken, the program did list me — a photo of the yellow silk, title, my name, and a note that it was a traveling performance. However, the location was marked at my starting place, so I imagine those who crossed my path far away from that spot had a hard time finding me on the map.

I love the thoroughness of documentation in this post. For those of you who couldn’t make it, you’ll get a nice overview of the day!

(and odd note: If you scroll down in the linked post, you will see that the photographer unwittingly caught me twice. The second time from behind, after I finished performing, in a red top and grey skirt, with olive shoulder bag. I think that was when I was trying to figure out how I was supposed to take part in the art piece I was facing.)

NEPO 5k Don’t Run

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my piece “Whispers to me; Shouts to me” is occurring in three parts. Part one was last weekend at Smoke Farm. Part two with be at Burning Man (for those of you going to the burn, look out for me in a ridiculously long dress out in the playa. Days and times not set, playa time is unreliable.)

Part three will be at the NEPO 5k Don’t Run here in Seattle, and thus, the most accessible for many to see. If you are in Seattle.

I highly recommend checking this event out, many amazing artists are participating and I think it will be quite the experience. Here is a map of many of the participating artists. Text is small (I’m #36!), but you can get a sense of the event. I hope this will be a poster. It would be such a fantastic poster.

You’ll see below that my piece is noted as traveling, and my location is around S Massachusetts and 14th. I will be starting near there, and traveling the route in reverse: along the I-90 trail to 12th, then down King to the International District. Depending on timing I may make it all the way back to Occidental Park, but if all the participants are past, I’ll simply go to the light rail station and head back to Beacon Hill to enjoy the latter part of the event at NEPO House. Perhaps I’ll continue the dance on the train!


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