While going through video of my past work to find some good excerpts to show at my talk with Mandy Greer, I watched this video I made in 2009 again.

This piece premiered in Manifold Motion’s show Miscellanea II with live performance of the music on marimba by Memmi Ochi.

The piece came about very organically. In the spring of 2009 Memmi had her PhD recital in which my husband and I created the multimedia aspects of the performance (visual and interactive). She arranged and played this piece of music in the recital, and it really stuck with me. Shortly thereafter Bridget (a Manifold Motion member) and I were interested in shooting and composing a video dance together. Long before, we had hiked through the floating bridges in the Arboretum here in Seattle, and been struck by their odd beauty. We had talked for some time about doing something there.

So, with this music in mind, I suggested we get together with our friend Cheryle and shoot something on the bridges. I then composed the piece and asked Memmi to perform the music live at the performance, and then here we are!