Back in the Studio

After a very long hiatus, I’m back in the studio again. I don’t know what I’m working on, what will come out of it, just going in weekly to create.

I’ve got weekly private studio time and a community surrounding it, including shared time in the space together to work, socialize, plot. I have been very busy and haven’t made it to the three group times so far, but I am excited about this aspect and already feel a sense of our shared focus through our private facebook group.

I am leaving the country in a week, for a three week trip that is one part self designed creative retreat and one part family visit. Hopefully the trip too will be fruitful, and then on return, I’m diving in to that community!

I’ll be posting here some of my studies, notes, thoughts from the studio and the trip. Today: TMRW PARTY Study #1, 3.24.14


My Final Degenerate Art Stream Post

aude_franjouThe fiber art of Aude Franjou:

This is my last post at the Degenerate Art Stream. Posting every day for two weeks was a great experience, and also quite difficult! I am hoping that this rhythm will help me pay more attention to this here blog, but I am certain it won’t be with such frequency!

Things Never Built

sewards_successBuildings and cities imagined, designed, but never realized — on Degenerate Art Stream now!